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Definition, out now

8/10 - Metal Hammer
“Something very special” - Gear Gods

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“The perfect union of unpredictability, brutality and catchiness, 8/10” – Metal Hammer

Prognosis are a progressive metal band from Manchester, England, with a stunning debut album, Definition, and a live reputation that increases with every show they play.

Their recently released debut album received an 8/10 rating in the Metal Hammer and described as "Britain’s answer to Mastodon and Gojira" in a feature the magazine ran on them, but their sound is much more than that thanks to their ambitious, broad-ranging songwriting and widely varying influences. Beyond groove metal, the band is influenced by Dream Theater and Muse, the technicality of Jeff Loomis, along with the abrasive elements of Death and, Mastodon and Carcass.

Lyrically, the songs on Definition are bound together by a concept which looks at the flawed characteristics that define us as humans, such as greed, narrow-mindedness and imperiousness. All combined, the band create music that is at once progressive, grounded, over-the-top and ferocious. Definition is a rewarding listen.

Already in their short career Prognosis have played Bloodstock, MammothFest and Prognosis festivals and shared the stage with the likes of TesseracT, Devin Townsend Threshold, Arch Echo, Conjurer, Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons, Decapitated, Telepathy, Onslaught and Kylver.

Prognosis are currently writing their sophomore album which is more technical and accessible, more ferocious and yet more melodious.


Danny Daemon - Bass & Vocals
Phil Weller - Guitar & Vocals
Christian Hickson - Guitar
Aaron Youd - Drums


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High Road T-Shirt

High Road T-Shirt

Definition: The Short Stories Book

Definition: The Short Stories Book

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Prognosis Beanie

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Definition CD

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“Never has someone’s disdain for humanity read so beautifully.”

We’re proud to announce the release of Definition: The Short Stories, penned by guitarist/vocalist Phil Weller. The book of short fiction is directly inspired by the music and lyrical concepts, which centres around the flaws in the human condition, from the band’s 8/10 Metal Hammer rated debut album, Definition. This unique, multi-media concept helps provide an exciting accomplishment to the record, embellishing upon its dark themes and taking in a variety of literary styles and genres, but it is also strong enough to stand up in its own right. You don't have to know about the band to enjoy the book's collection of tales, but alongside one another everything really comes to life in a way no other band has done before.

Some stories stay close to the world created by the lyrics of its parent track; the ferocious track Drones becomes The Aftermath, a story which takes you back to the same post-apocalyptic, dystopian future where humanity has been usurped by technology the song enraptures you in. Whilst others veer off into a world of their own making while still resonating the same message that the lyrics, which are also printed in the book before each short they helped inspire, convey. Elsewhere, there's an Indian love story which author Phil Weller like to describe as "Romeo & Juliet if it was written by Steven Wilson" and a story in there called Melting Winter which asks the question of what would it have been like had George Orwell published NinteenEightyFour in the world in which that book was set. The book is a great achievement for the band and its author, accentuating the progressive mindset that made the songs on Definition such a rewarding listen. This, in turn, is an engrossing read.

"I'm incredibly proud of this book," beams Weller. "It's the culmination of many years of hard work and, not only does it stand as a unique companion to an album, but I also feel confident that it stands up in its own right. I know other musicians have published fiction before - in fact, there's a hint of Nick Cave's twisted storytelling in some of these stories - but to my knowledge, no other band has released a book directly linked to a record. You don't have to like Prognosis or even know of us to enjoy the book. Plus it's full of song and band references for the eagle-eyed metalhead which I had a lot of fun dropping in throughout."

Definition: The Short Stories releases Friday 2nd August and will be available from our merch page.